Falling down right now

What to tell about this place? Well nothing in particular, I guess everyone nowadays understands the term 'fanlisting' if not they certainly have been living under a rock except for people who don't understand internet ofcourse. In the past this site was nothing more than a place to list all the fanlistings I joined but then I got problems with my host and the site went offline and stayed that after several attempts to get it back online.
And now finally after some time because I didn't want to be left out ofcourse this new version was created. In the beginning this site went under the name 'Suteki' but I disliked the name after some time so I decided not to use it anymore but what name should I've taken then? Almost all the good or funny names were taken - and maybe this one is too; I don't mind because I love this name.

what a wonderful time * the present

I had a short of inspiration burst and made the layout for the domain and fanlisting at the same time (which you can probably see at the resemblance of the two layouts?).

what a wonderful memory * the past

none x;

Still looking at version 01.!

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