So Close yet So Far

Welcome to Intoxique. This would be our fanlisting collective for the girl who got addicted to running and joining fanlistings: Kat. As the term Fanlisting grows bigger she decided to run here own fanlistings and so here collection grew bigger that after a while she decided to place them here. As for now you can find the fanlistings she runs but also which she joined so take a look and maybe if you like one of the subject don't hesitate to join!

It cost us our lives

What exactly is a fanlisting? Its a site created by a fan about a certain subject which can be anything and then other fans of the subject can join and so a list of fans is created. To join you only need your name, an email so the owner can keep you up to date before the fanlisting is closed or adopted out and not to forget the land you live in. If you want to know more about this term or want to create your own fanlisting then visit theFanlistings.org and AnimeFanlistings.org.

Never look back

03.06.2007 I Finally found some time to make a layout and I must admit that I love it, its maybe not perfect but still I like how it turned out.

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