I would love to exchange with everyone and anybody but still I have my questions and rules I would love to see being followed. One of them means you have to link back to the FaintBreeze Network. Either with just a plain text code or using one of the buttons especially made. Second thing is that we won't remove eachother without a quick note saying you/I did so. But nothing more than that so if you would like to exchange links than you only sent a mail to me with Links Exchange as subject or saying it somewhere in the mail.


There is some catch behind being an affiliate with me. I consider an affiliate the same thing as people lately call the 'family' or 'brother/sisters' (siblings as I used to know it). If we are (or become) affiliates I wish to get to know eachother a little and stay in touch. Don't expect we have to talk eachother each day but once in awhile would be fun! For this I will use buttons so and address will be fine, tell me how to stay in touch or why you think we can become good friends mail to me with Affiliates as subject or saying it somewhere in the mail.


The first layout 'See Ya!' feat. is of the hype Vocaloid, the character Miku Hatsune.
I used textures from Brusheezy while the picture used comes from MiniTokyo. Further I used the standard Photoshop brushes. I tried to combine as much colors as possible to erase the blueness it end up in before. Although I'm happy now I probably end up hating it.
See Ya! © Rin 2011
Part of the FaintBreeze Network