Hiya, welcome to linkage at the FAINTBREEZE network. This page will stores all of my lovely affiliates, links exchange and sites of people that I like or either admire. At the moment it's pretty empty as I have started over and almost all the websites I knew are either moved or death.
If you either want to be an affiliate or just want to exchange links go to the contact page and see how. Please note that all affiliates are affiliates with AwaiKaze!

Link Exchange?

These are websites that I simply admire, like or frequently visit. As I decided to start a new this list will be empty at first but gradually grow.
If you want to be an affiliate (would love to get in touch then) or just exchange links visit the contact page please!


The first layout 'See Ya!' feat. is of the hype Vocaloid, the character Miku Hatsune.
I used textures from Brusheezy while the picture used comes from MiniTokyo. Further I used the standard Photoshop brushes. I tried to combine as much colors as possible to erase the blueness it end up in before. Although I'm happy now I probably end up hating it.
See Ya! © Rin 2011
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